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    Spanish Jewish culture was at its highest in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. One of the greatest figures during this period was Moses Maimonides. He expressed the creed of the Sefardic Jews in thirteen basic beliefs these are:-

    1. Yahweh alone is the Creator.
    2. Yahweh is absolutely One.
    3. Yahweh has no body or bodily shape.
    4. Yahweh is the first and the last.
    5. Only to Yahweh may we pray and to no other.
    6. The words of the prophets are true.
    7. The prophecy of Moses is true, and he is the father of all prophets.
    8. The Torah, now found in our hands, was given to Moses.
    9. This Torah is not subject to change, and there will never be another Torah from the Creator.
    10. The Creator knows all the thoughts and deeds of humans.
    11. Yahweh rewards and punishes according to the deed.
    12. The Messiah will come; though He tarries, I will expect Him daily.
    13. The dead will be resurrected.

    Some of the Jewish felt that this theoretical belief was foreign and that it attempted to imitate the Christian belief. Despite this it was passed on as a statement of traditional Jewish beliefs and has even been cast into a poetic hymn, the Yigdal, which is used in public.

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