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The Torah

    The Torah is the name given to the five books of the Hebrew Bible - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, written by Moses who holds the Laws for the Jews. The Torah tells them the Laws on how to behave towards God and each other; it also gives laws on how to treat the land, so that it produces good crops and is not over-used.

    The first five books also contain the Ten Commandments. This lay down the basic rules that they must follow for their own good. They also set down religious and moral codes that Jews should follow if they wish to do God's will.

    The Ten Commandments cover the areas of personal morality, such as loving your neighbor as yourself, or treating people with kindness and respect. The relationship between husband and wife as well as parent and child. They also state the rituals Jews must carry out, what they should wear, how they should worship, how animals should be slaughtered and what foods can and cannot be eaten.

    As well as the written Torah it is said that Moses also received Oral Torah which is an interpretation of the laws which have been passed on by teachers down the generations. It is suppose to contain the guidelines Jews need to deal with every aspect of human life.

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