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Yom Atzma'ut

    Yom Atzma'ut or Yom Haatzmaut is the official Independence Day for the state of Israel.

    Independence Day is held in honor of the anniversary of the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, on May 14, 1948. It is not a centuries old celebration, but a day that is meant to mean something to the citizens who have physically and actively participated in the creation of a new state and have witnessed the enormous changes that have taken place since 1948.

    On Independence Day many citizens get to know the countryside by traveling to battlefields of the War of Independence, visit the memorials to the fallen, go on nature hikes and, in general, spend the day outdoors picnicking and preparing barbecues.

    Israel Prizes for distinction in literary, artistic and scientific endeavor are presented and the International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth is held. Army bases are opened to the public and air force fly­bys, as well as naval displays take place.

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